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  “Everything is possible, impossible things just need a bit more time to come true.”
Impossible things might appear as too large and insurmountable obstacles, but once you have succeeded to move a mountain, you can clearly do it again.
I want to be successful and creative in my life. It is the need to create that has in fact driven me to be an artist. Previously I have explored various things like manufacturing and advertising AD work etc. Nothing felt right, just this need to create ...SOMETHING OF MY OWN.

One needs to walk a certain path to go somewhere and my path has lead me to the situation where I am now. The path here hasn't always been smooth or rosy, but the time for roses will for sure come later on.

As an artist, I am self-taught and luckily there is still a lot to learn (is it wisdom to know that one doesn't know?). However, I know what pleases my eye and what doesn't. When I begin a new artwork, I often haven't got a clue what the new painting will comprise and the end result is a surprise also to me. Sometimes it feels like I am just the means for the artwork to be born.

Many of the works include details that suggest some of the environments or feelings from which they have sprung. Eyes, circles, cheeks, various curves and other common symbols from the point of view of humanity convey the content of the work to the viewer, who in turn may gather from the work a scene according to his or her own mental image with its own meanings. Only the viewer’s own imagination can reach the limit.

The works in their colorfulness are intense, sometimes even frantic but in all their abstractions also harmonious and balanced. Many of the works have photographic depth and perspective and from many the viewer may find as it were “a gate” or “a path” deeper into the subject of the picture; a space, feeling or the deepest nooks of the mind.

The feedback I have received has been very encouraging and it is good to go on from that. Please, keep an eye on my development and spend pleasant moments with my art. If you want any invitations to my openings or other information of my shows, please do contact me!